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Cash for Cars Newcastle / Old Car Removals

We buy all late model cars, junk cars, unwanted cars. Get paid cash for your used car.

At Coastal Auto Traders Newcastle - Central Coast's most trusted used car dealers we pay cash for unwanted new and used cars and also offer a free Newcastle car removal service. If you have damaged car or old car that you want to dispose of, Coastal Auto Traders - Cash for Cars Newcastle will come to you and pay you cash on the spot for your car. For all cash for car deals in Newcastle, you will be required to provide the appropriate identification before being able to receive cash for your car. 

Coastal Auto Traders - Cash for Cars Newcastle - Car Removal & Towing Services

Coastal Auto Traders - Cash for Cars Newcastle can provide you with a quote estimate over the phone to give you an indication of how much cash you may get for your car. For really old and damaged cars that are not really worth anything, we provide a free car removal service. For all cash for car deals, you will need to provide the tow truck driver with identification so that in the case of a dispute we are able to verify we had authorisation to remove the car in question.

Get Paid Cash for Your Old / Unwanted Cars in Newcastle

  • Cash for Holden Cars Newcastle
  • Cash for Toyota Cars Newcastle
  • Cash for Nissan Cars Newcastle
  • Cash for Ford Cars Newcastle
  • Cash for Cars of all makes and models

If you have an old car sitting on your property and want it taken away for free or depending on the model and condition of the car receive a cash payment, contact Coastal Auto Traders - Cash for Cars Newcastle today on 0405 765 387. 

Sell your car for cash in Newcastle Fast with Coastal Auto Traders. 

We will buy just about any used car that is still in reasonable working order. If you want the best deal for your used car, truck, ute or van then give us a call and see what we can offer you. In most cases, we will give you a much better price than you'd otherwise get from a used car dealer in Newcastle. We specialise in buying used cars, fixing them up and the selling cars for cash for a small profit. If you want to get rid of an unwanted car for cash or to sell your car for cash then we can help.

Call Grant on 0405 765 387 to get the best deal now!

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