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Coastal Auto Traders - cash for cars Chittaway Bay specialise in cash for old and used cars as well as old car removals. Get better than dealer trade in prices with our 100% best price guarantee for your late model used car. If you are looking to sell your car for cash in Chittaway Bay or in the market for old junk car removals in Chittaway Bay make your first and final call to Coastal Auto Traders.

The team at Coastal Auto Traders are in the used cars sales industry in Chittaway Bay and Central Coast and are always on the lookout to pay cash for cars to people who have a late model used car in good working order. Our process is quite simple and quick. Give us a call and tell us about your car. We will then do a bit of research online and then offer you a price we would be prepared to pay you for you to sell your car for cash to us. If you agree our guys will come to you and do the deal, including taking care of all the paperwork and the car removal. Chittaway Bay residents and businesses often call our cash for cars Chittaway Bay service when they are looking to get rid of an unwanted car for sale.

Most used car sales dealers in Chittaway Bay will low ball you with the price they are prepared to pay as they want to make as much money as possible when selling your car on the used car market. Our game is different. When it comes to cash for cars in Chittaway Bay or old car removals we offer the best price and service. No matter where you live on the Central Coast we can help you sell your car for cash. People often don't know where to sell their car in Chittaway Bay for cash or where to get the best price fast. As most of our business comes from word of mouth referrals we know the word is slowly getting around that Coastal Auto Traders are the used car sales dealers to turn to.

Services We Offer

  • Cash for Cars (All Over Chittaway Bay & Surrounds)
  • Old Car Removals (Chittaway Bay & Central Coast Region)
  • Free Junk Car Removals (Chittaway Bay & Central Coast)
  • Uses Car Sales (Gosford, Chittaway Bay & Central Coast)
  • Caraway Services in Gosford, Central Coast, Chittaway Bay
  • Free Car Valuations

If you want your caraway anywhere in Chittaway Bay, Gosford or the Central Coast and you want to sell your car for cash then do yourself a favour and give us a call. We've been in the business for a long time and are one of the most trusted cash for car Chittaway Bay dealers on the Central Coast. We know that not too many people know where to sell car for cash, which is why we have put together this website. If you go online and search for "cash for cars", "old car removals" or "sell your car for cash" then hopefully you find our site and give us a call.

Got an old or junk car sitting around and want some cash for it? Our old car removals Chittaway Bay based service often pays great money for old junk cars. You will be surprised at how much your old car is worth! Sometimes we get calls for car removals and turn up and pay cash for the car and the customer is truly surprised. You never know how much something is worth until you ask the question, and then again it all depends on how much someone is prepared to pay.

If you want better than dealer trade in on your old or used car in Chittaway Bay, or need your old car removed then give the team at Coastal Auto Traders a call.  

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